Slowpalace Creates Comforting Bliss on His Hazy House Single “Blurred”

Slowpalace Creates Comforting Bliss on His Hazy House Single “Blurred”

Slowpalace creates comforting bliss on his hazy house single, “Blurred,” which is coming into focus as the next offering from NIGHTMODE’s fifth season of releases.

Over the last few years, the Los Angeles-based producer has been building a fortress made from far-flung influences. Within the walls of his castle, variety is the highest form of currency. As such, he’s been giving the royal treatment to dance music enthusiasts who embrace change by erecting a catalog that has spanned emotion-stirring wave, bellowing electro, and dizzying atmospheric house. His willingness to head in any given direction has put him on the radar of tastemakers many denominations, while also rightfully landing him in the coveted Artists To Watch in 2021 category by both Your EDM and This Song Slaps.

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Despite the glowing acclaim he’s received for keeping people on their toes, bouncing between so many styles can be a treacherous tight rope act that can consume an artist with apprehension. Those unsettling feelings of uncertainty were the catalyst for his label debut on NIGHTMODE, which finds him turning thoughts of confusion into fuel for the dancefloor.

“Blurred” doesn’t try to win you over with an overcomplicated structure or over-the-top sound design. Instead, it embraces the beauty of simplicity. Each element is in its right place, working in perfect harmony to evoke a sense of serenity, even inside the pockets of pain existing amongst its somber vocalizations. A bed of shuffling drums acts as a safety net to catch the cascading moody melodies, while elastic basslines and ethereal pads are interlaced to create a barrier blocking out all doubt.

Blurring the lines between genres has become a calling card for Slowpalace, and his newest single should sell you on the fact that his ambitious artistic vision is not only a cohesive revelation, but it also has a woozy allure that is as clear as day.

“‘Blurred’ is my favorite song that I’ve made thus far and will forever be a song that I tell new listeners to check out if they are curious about what Slowpalace is about. Thank you to NIGHTMODE for giving it a chance. It’s been a goal of mine to be on Night Mode since it launched, and I couldn’t think of a better song to release with them.”–Slowpalace

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Slowpalace is a rising producer hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Established in 2018, he has already seen astronomical growth and support within the electronic music scene. The artist is quickly making his presence known with releases on labels such as Monstercat, Alt Vision/Sony, Music High Court, Jadu Dala, Proximity and NIGHTMODE. His music has seen support from the likes of Illenium, Excision, Louis The Child, San Holo, Dr. Fresch, Quix, Benzi, JVNA, Luca Lush and LICK.

His music covers many different sounds, from wonky, synth-driven trap beats, bass house, future bass, and original electronic compositions filled with emotion. In 2019, Slowpalace really made a name for himself teaming up with LICK to release a haunting track titled “Disappear” on Alt Vision Records, that let people know Slowpalace is someone to look out for, for years to come.

NIGHTMODE, part of Insomniac Music Group, is founded by Twitch streamer and content creator Tucker (Jericho) Boner & Daniel Goudie (of Disciple Recs & Rare Breed).

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