Mister Ruiz Teams Up With Klaas On High-Energy New Single ‘Feel Only Love’

Mister Ruiz Teams Up With Klaas On High-Energy New Single ‘Feel Only Love’

Fast-rising talent Mister Ruiz has propelled into the dance music scene over the past few years with his knack for lively productions. Remaining incredibly active over the past year, he has delivered a handful of infectious releases during 2021 and now returns to the release radar with new collaborative single ‘Feel Only Love’ with German producer Klaas. The creative minds join forces to merge their signature style into a vivacious offering that is primed for the summertime months. Out now across streaming platforms, ‘Feel Only Love’ is available via You Love Dance.

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Feel Only Love’ opens with a sparkling melody that effortlessly complements the uplifting vocals before progressing into a club-ready bassline. Designed with the dancefloor in mind, Mister Ruiz and Klaas provide an electrifying atmosphere throughout the duration of the single. ‘Feel Only Love’ maintains a hopeful energy with the vocals ‘the world is falling down down down, but I feel only love’ that easily resonates with listeners across the globe following the pandemic.

Meeting at an apex between their unique styles, the two DJs deliver an unforgettable sonic experience for the listener. Carefully crafted with house and big room sensibilities, ‘Feel Only Love’ is primed to be the perfect addition to any festival setlist this summer.

Abelardo Ruiz, professionally known as Mister Ruiz, is a fast-rising producer and DJ that has made seismic waves within the dance music community since the inception of the project. The 24-year-old Brazilian native has spent time honing his distinctive sound that is reflected in each of his releases. His productions effectively fuse a number of different genres in the dance music realm and effortlessly demonstrate his passion for his craft.

He has amassed well-over 7 million streams on Spotify and 2 million views on his YouTube channel for his blossoming discography. 2021 is shaping up to be his biggest year to-date with a handful of notable releases already under his belt including ‘Dreaming in Circles’, ‘Air In My Lungs’, and ‘Talk To Each Other’.

“I’m working hard on my project with high level music productions and I’m focused on sharing a great sound and visual experience with my fans. I’m sure that people don’t know that I fell in love with electronic music after listening to Klaas’s remix, ‘Infinity 2008’, which became a worldwide mega hit. So it’s a big achievement for me to have the opportunity to work with him and release a song with such an important message: love and hope for better days.” – Mister Ruiz

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German producer Klaas has made quite the name for himself over the course of his venerated career. He continues to pave his own path with his signature electro-house sound, amassing millions of streams across platforms and delivering timeless productions. His most recent releases include ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’, ‘Take My Hand’, ‘Daylight’, and more. Commanding well over 6 million monthly Spotify listeners, it’s safe to say he will continue to make his mark on the dance music world for years to come.

“Klaas spreads some love again with his latest smash tune! “Feel Only Love” is his first collaboration with Brazilian DJ and producer. The super catchy song delivers lovely vocals by no other than Emmie Lee and has been written by Brane Kovak who is responsible for many awarded releases. So get ready for another great mixture of euphoric EDM vibes and the unique Klaas sound flavour!” – Klaas

Feel Only Love’ is a quintessential example of the undeniable talent these two producers possess. The powerful collaboration serves as another promising addition to both DJs’ rolodex as they both continue to dominate the dance music scene in their respective careers.

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