Janieck Drops “Life”, An Adaptation Of Black’s 1987 Hit Single “Wonderful Life”

Janieck Drops "Life", An Adaptation Of Black's 1987 Hit Single "Wonderful Life"

Janieck Drops “Life”, An Adaptation Of Black’s 1987 Hit Single “Wonderful Life.”

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Janieck is a Dutch singer-songwriter. He is bridging the gap between dance and pop music. Best known as the voice of ‘Reality’; his collaboration with Lost Frequencies that took its place in the UK top 30.

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Continuing on an upward curve, Janieck would go on to achieve a #1 in Germany with Alle Farben on ‘Little Hollywood’, then striking gold when partnering with YouNotUs & Senex for the multi-million-streamed ‘Narcotic’.

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Today, Janieck is releasing a new track called ‘Life’. With new lyrics to the iconic vocal line from Black’s 1987 hit single, Janieck is back on our label with an offering that radiates positivity.

From the catchy flutes underlining the upbeat vocals to the heartening message striking a chord, ‘Life’ unlocks a new-found appreciation for the things that bring a smile to your face.

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