Exclusive Interview with Mike Candys and New Track on S2 Records

Exclusive Interview with Mike Candys and New Track on S2 Records

Exclusive Interview with Mike Candys

All things considered, it’s been a hugely productive year in the studio for Mike Candys. Following the internationally celebrated release of his three huge original singles already this year (All My Friends, Darkness and Wellerman) the enigmatic platinum-selling Swiss artist now continues his hugely prolific run of 2021 form, as he announces the release of his latest juggernaut cut, and one of the undisputed records of the summer – Vibe.

Out now via the inimitable S2 Records, Vibe sees the masked producer on the form of his decade-long career, as he delivers a peak-time main stage anthem brimming with pumping, hi-octane energy across its duration. Having topped the Beatport Main Stage Hype Charts within days of its release, the record has since been featured in some of the biggest Spotify editorial playlists including Mint, Main Stage, Beast Mode Dance, Dance Party, Hot New Dance and Bangers, to name a few. We caught up with Mike from his studio in Switzerland to find out more…


Hey Mike! Welcome to Soundrive Music – where are you chatting to us from?

Hi everyone, I’m talking to you from my< studio in Zurcih Switzerland.

Tell us a little bit about your background in music? How did you get started out?

In my chlldhood and teenage years i took piano lessons and later on I studied music theorie at the University. I started producing and remixing electronic music in the late 80s with a drummachine, a Tape-Recorder and a simple FM-synthesizer. Since then I simply kept going on an on, new technology, new styles. But overall it’s still the same fascination, to find the perfect combination between melodies, sounds and grooves to make clubs shake and people dance.

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Talk to us about your mask — why did you choose a smiley face? Were you really into acid house back in the day?

Definitely. My main influences for electronic dance music come from Italo Disco and Acid house from the late 80s. Although, I didn’t choose the smile mask because of the acid heritage. I did it mainly because after a few tests with different masks I realized, that the smile works best and fits my music and set perfectly.

Your new solo release ‘Vibe’ is out now on S2 Records. Can you tell us a bit about the process and the inspiration behind the song?

The track “Vibe” was kind of an experiment. My label told me, that they have a slot for a new Mike Candys release but I didn’t have my planned track ready at the moment. So I sat down an tried my best to create a pure energetic club track in a matter of few days. Suddenly everything felt right and I sent the track to the label. There was no reaction but “Ok, we’re gonna release it.” Few weeks later all of us knew that it’s probably gonna be my most successful track of 2021.

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You’ve been releasing music for over fifteen years now. What have been some of the most memorable moments of your career thus far?

2009 my remake of Insomnia entered the official single charts in France. This was unreal. 2012 my Song “if the World” hit number 1 in Germany, that was definitely one of my most crazy moments so far.

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

This would be Avicii. Now, 3 years after he passed away I realize, that there’s hardly any really really great pop melodies anymore in EDM. Nobody since came close to his genius when it comes to simple but genius meoldy writing. Whenever I sit down and try to create an Avicii-like melody or chord structure, I realize that there’s no chance for me to get there. I can only imagine the crazy feeling sitting with Tim Berg in a studio and composing songs.

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What’s the music scene like where you’re currently based. Any up-and-coming artists or producers on your radar that we should look out for?

Due to the circumstances I don’t have the time to check too much stuff from other artists, expecially newcomers. So I’m not the talent scout right now unfortunately.

Thanks for chatting to us today Mike! Anything else you’d like to include?

Thanks for having me, I hope we all meet soon again at a live event.

Mike Candys – Vibe isout now via S2 Records. Download / stream here: https://s2records.lnk.to/vibe

Watch Vibey Deep House Mix HERE

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