Feed Me Releases New Full-Lenght Self-Titled Album “FEED ME”

Feed Me Releases Full-Lenght Self-Titled Album "FEED ME" Via Sotto Voce

Esteemed British talent, Feed Me returns with his self-titled sixth studio album, following up ‘Reckless’, the album’s lead single released ahead of the LP earlier this month. Out now via Sotto Voce, Feed Me is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

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The 11-track offering kicks off with ‘Big Kitten’, setting the tone with a spacious sonic atmosphere. The track is upbeat in nature, featuring various instrumentation and rising energy.

The explosive hit takes listeners into the world of Feed Me with a bang. Taking it up a notch, ‘Blanket Ban’ is a heady, high-octane endeavor, full of textured sounds and an electric guitar.

The guitar is paired with a drenched bass sound from start to finish, showcasing his production prowess. The track lures listeners in with its intoxicating intensity, priming them for the musical journey to come.


Up next is the LP’s anthemic lead single ‘Reckless’, featuring Tasha Baxter. The modern synth-pop masterpiece sonically embraces the listener with its hypnotizing vocals and production. The track evokes a feeling of being in a daze with its cinematic sensibilities. ‘Reckless’ mirrors what listening to the album feels like — an escape from everyday life into a newfound journey. ‘Cost A Fiver, Had A Tenner’ is a propulsive high-gear offering. A glitchy soundscape builds in intensity throughout the track, once again paired with an electric guitar, this time bringing a raw intensity like nothing else heard on the album previously. The track explodes in energy towards the end, picking up pace and force.

Directly following, ‘Night Boat’ takes the reins, continuing the high-level atmosphere established in ‘Cost A Fiver, Had A Tenner’. Featuring a rich and textured bass, it lures listeners deeper into the enticing sonic journey outlined within the LP. Rising tensions and oscillation highlight Feed Me’s flawlessly crafted sound. ‘If It Bounces’ begins massively, with propelling energy from start to finish. The song is a surefire hit, showing off Feed Me’s sound design sensibility and ability to steer into uncharted territory. The dominating track is expansive, bringing out a feeling like no other when listened to.

Big-room sensibilities come into play with ‘Stupid Small Face’, mimicking the feeling of being positioned within a video game. The three-and-a-half-minute-long endeavor is audibly enveloping with an experimental atmosphere, marking the halfway point of Feed Me. This cerebral tune sets an exciting precedent for the remainder of the album. ‘Frank Frazetta’ follows and features a looped vocal building in intensity with the paired production. The rich and bouncy synths pair with rising tensions, luring listeners into a trance. The stacked and hard-hitting bass is flawlessly crafted, creating an overall enticing sonic experience.

Switching gears, ‘Stop Motion’ shows Feed Me’s versatility with the help of Heights’ vocals. All the elements of the track are blended together perfectly, creating a feel-good, groovy environment. The euphoric and nostalgia-laden tune intoxicates with Heights’ powerfully driven vocals. The penultimate track on the LP, ‘Tamp Tamp Tamp’, drives home the explosive and synth driven musical approach of the album. Impeccably produced, the five-and-a-half-minute-long hit swells in vivacity. Sonically entrancing, it guides listeners through the end of their journey with Feed Me. The rhythmically exciting tune carries itself with a transmissible fire in listeners’ eardrums.

Closing off the beautifully crafted LP, ‘Feather Crown’ effortlessly fuses the sounds of the album into one all-encompassing track, evoking a cathartic end of journey feeling. ‘Feather Crown’ carries the same positively contagious energy as the songs before it, perfectly concluding in a massive finale.

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Representing both a literal and figurative exploration of creation and destruction against a similarly themed global backdrop, this album is a diary of distilled creative process, folding between analogue and digital in a way that mirrors the combination of hazy nostalgia and technological idealism that I’ve come to realise frame my motivation.  – Feed Me

The gem of an album has been released in conjunction with a new line of merchandise. Fans all over the world can show continued support for the massive release by purchasing a piece.


ABOUT FEED ME — Jon Gooch is a British DJ and producer who has been crafting his identity through different genres as Feed MeSpor, and Seventh Stitch. As his alias Feed Me, he has been exploring the world between electro and house. His masterful production landed him the opportunity to be the first outside act to sign with mau5trap and to eventually release music through his own imprint Sotto Voce. Through the project, he has released two albums Calamari Tuesday in 2012 and High Street Creeps in 2019. His success has landed him sold out tour dates and festival appearances at Fuji Rocks JapanCreamfieldsEDCReading & Leeds and Exit Festival. His return to the release radar continues to show his growth and evolution as Feed Me.

Feed Me’s self-titled album is a groundbreaking venture into a world of distorted and nostalgic sounds. A continuation of Feed Me’s versatility and expansive, expert production as a musician, Feed Me is a pursuit showing his explorative nature.

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