Borgore Spotlights Second Track of Forthcoming ‘Slaughterhouse EP’

Borgore Spotlights Second Track of Forthcoming ‘Slaughterhouse EP’


The recent release of ‘FYPM’ (feat. Jonathan) once again proved to the whole world that Borgore can produce anything he puts his mind to, and the Israeli producer’s new offering to Armada Music boldly underlines that notion. The second track taken from his upcoming ‘Slaughterhouse EP’, ‘Sexy Boi’ flaunts the unmistakable Borgore grunge in a fresh, broad-appeal coating that won’t have any trouble knocking listeners senseless.

Expertly building momentum ahead of the soon-to-be-unveiled ‘Slaughterhouse EP’, ‘Sexy Boi’ effectively puts Borgore’s latest sound excursion in the limelight. Sporting heavy grinding bass and murderous four-to-the-floor beats that effortlessly supercharge the dance floor, this track is sure to be making moves when the night takes over.

“I’ve always felt that the right vocal pre-drop will set the tone for the whole record”, Borgore says. “Imagine if my track ‘Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse’ went “Unicorn Zombie Petting Zoo” instead: no way it would flow into as good of an aggressive drop. I jokingly landed on “Sexy Boi” for the pre-drop as a filler, figuring I’d eventually come up with something better.

But in the end, I just kept it because it gave me this vibe of looking cute and playing it at a cool pool party whilst also making these party girls have fun in an uncomfortable way because the track is a little bit darker than they’re used to. It’s always difficult to explain your music into words, but now you know how I landed on ‘Sexy Boi’ as the  track title and main vocal hook.”

Borgore Spotlights Second Track Of Forthcoming ‘Slaughterhouse Ep’

Hailed as a “bass music sensation” by music outlet Complex, Borgore is one of the foremost figures leading today’s worldwide electronic music generation and one of the youngest pioneers in the global dubstep scene. The expansive discography of the Tel Aviv-born, L.A.-based artist, who is the sole architect of his self-produced “gorestep” sound, includes three full-length studio albums, multiple EPs and mixtapes, countless singles and remixes in addition to a handful of top-level collaborations with pop music’s elite, including Miley Cyrus, G-Eazy, Diplo and Gucci Mane.

Collectively, the Buygore label boss accumulated over 500 million streams and more than 125 million YouTube views.

Borgore – ‘Sexy Boi’ is out now! via Armada Music

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Borgore Spotlights Second Track Of Forthcoming ‘Slaughterhouse Ep’

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