PSAiR Drops Two New Tracks “Smoke on the Water” & “Eternal Love”

PSAiR Drops Two New Tracks "Smoke on the Water" & "Eternal Love"

PSAiR Drops Two New Tracks “Smoke on the Water” & “Eternal Love”

The Promising Music Producer and Asia’s Youngest DJ, alias “PSAiR” an abbreviated of Prithvi Sai’s real name Prithvi Sai R, releases his first Techno song with the iconic Deep Purple Riff.

What happens if you take a classic, iconic rock riff, and turn it into an EDM banger? You should ask PSAiR, because this is exactly what he did! This talented producer took the riff from “Smoke on the Water,” made famous by Deep Purple, and turned into a killer techno beat.

PSAiR is a breath of fresh air in the Asian DJ map who continually comes up with innovative ideas to entertain his fans. The 24-year old young and the restless music producer/DJ hailing from India has created a buzz since his announcement to enter the underground scene.

Check out his first Techno release “Smoke on the Water. PSAiR’s techno version captures the edge and energy of the original “Smoke on the Water”, but with a modern, punchy twist to it. He really kept the original flavor of the song intact but added a new twist with his ideas. This is even more impressive, especially considering that this is the very first Techno release from PSAiR. This is a perfect indication of a bright future ahead for this artist, and there is definitely a lot in store!

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With this alias he performs & produces underground sounds. When asked to talk about it PSAiR said “The love for DJing is embedded in me, and I explored this talent at a very young age that gave me the courage to pursue it as a career when I was 10. My fondness for producing mesmerizing melodies, groovy tunes, and experimentation when it comes to music is also not hidden from anyone, and believe it not, I have now entered underground scene to bring some unique sounds”. His next is a lovable song “Eternal Love” releasing on 14th February on Valentine’s Day. The track has a strong bassline line and synths with many variations and interesting leads & vocals in the middle. Wait for this track which has a romantic feel throughout that is going sound great in clubs

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PSAiR’s work speaks volumes about his love for EDM music as Prithvi Sai. The bright star has gained a solid reputation as an EDM and Big Room artist. He is well-recognized by the world media and has attained the highly coveted title of Emerging Best EDM Artist in Asia. The born entertainer with an inherent talent to bring the crowd on its feet leaves no stone unturned to entertain his audience. Despite being a staunch devotee of the EDM genre, he mixes and matches other genres to captivate the crowd. The discography of the budding EDM artist is power-packed with EDM tracks, but every now and then, he rolls out multi-genre tracks in Hip Hop, Trap, Moombah Bass, EDM, House, and Psychedelic as well. Prithvi is an empath and leverages his talent for the betterment of the underserved communities around him. He actively participates in charity tours and was involved in a self-initiated social responsibility initiative, “Party for a Cause,” to help the kids battling poverty.

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Psair Drops Two New Tracks “Smoke On The Water” &Amp; “Eternal Love”

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