Thousand Fingers Unveils Futuristic ‘Hide & Seek’ EP

Thousand Fingers Unveils Futuristic 'Hide & Seek' EP

Thousand Fingers Unveils Futuristic ‘Hide & Seek’ EP

After sitting on #1 with their last release on Beatport Electronica Hype Chart, Follow The Fingers is returning with a game-changing Melodic House & Techno release with label boss Thousand Fingers. FTF007 // Hide & Seek EP packs a real punch across three fresh new tunes – drawing a scene from a post apocalyptic future.

Opening track Hide & Seek is a deep and dynamic track with twisted synths bringing real intrigue. Rhythmic interplays between sounds, shimmering snares flutter in the wind and the bold bass guaranteeing a solid transition between warm up and peak hour.

Morning Dew is another inventive take on house music that is mixing irregularities with gradual build ups. It has floating grooves, chunky bass-line with mystic synth lines taking you late into the night.

Thousand Fingers Unveils Futuristic 'Hide &Amp; Seek' Ep

DWYWD then closes down with a different, more melodic relief. The lush chords are followed by unexpected soulful vocals that light up the whole track and full you with warmth. This is something you will want to play on repeat for sure!

Another varied and vital EP from the ever on point Thousand Fingers.

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Thousand Fingers Unveils Futuristic 'Hide &Amp; Seek' Ep


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