Rising Talent LUNAX Drops Tasty ‘Rooftop’ on Beat Dealer Records

Let’s fly high with LUNAX and her new track ‘Rooftop’ via Beat Dealer Records Out Now on Streaming Platforms and on Repeat at Soundrive Music.

The song takes us to the rooftops of the world to look up to the sky in moments when we feel lonely and shows us the limitlessness of our possibilities on difficult days. Hidden behind the melancholic lyrics is an energetic sound that motivates and gives self-confidence as well as courage for a change of perspective.

LUNAX, who is just 19 years old, has become the most successful German Slap-House Artist in the music industry. On streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music, she was not only featured in the world’s largest playlists, but also graced the covers of several high-ranking playlists across various platforms.

Spotify already chose LUNAX four times for the cover of Europe’s largest dance playlist ‘Main Stage‘, which is followed by 1.6 million listeners. In 2021, she was the first dance act who curated an official Apple Music playlist with the ‘Festival Bangers.’ For more of the hottest & freshest in new electronic dance music and EDM news visit our ‘News’ page and connect with Soundrive Music on social media.

Rising Talent Lunax Drops Tasty 'Rooftop' On Beat Dealer Records

With over 85 million streams on her tracks, one and a half million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 15 million views on her music videos, LUNAX shows what it takes to be successful in the music industry and shows no signs of slowing down!

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