Los Padres And Coppermines Partner To Relaunch EDM Record Label – Chrmatic

Los Padres And Coppermines Partner To Relaunch EDM Record Label - Chrmatic

Florida-based Gino Souto and Carlos Perez, of Los Padres, partnered with California-based Tim Chingos, of Coppermines to relaunch EDM record label Chrmatic

The partnership will set out to give the label a new look, more streamlined operations, and an updated strategy to reach more listeners and earn more streams for its artists. They’re building off their momentum from 2021 and have their first release of 2022 dropping at the end of the month.

We caught up with Gino, Carlos, and Tim to hear first hand where they’ve come from and their new plans for Chrmatic’s future.

Throughout 2021,” says Gino Souto, of Los padres, “Chrmatic helped launch several DJ/producers across Florida, specifically Cazes, Mister Gray, and DJ ISH. Chrmatic was also a platform we, as Los Padres, used to release a few of our own tracks, many which received support from Steve Aoki, Cheat Codes, Laidback Luke, and other big DJs. We’re happy with the success we’ve seen on the label, but we know we can take things to the next level.”

As we continue to develop the Los Padres project,” adds Carlos Perez, “we continue to experience how labels are so opaque. We’ve worked in this industry for 10+ years, so we get it. But artists who are just getting started or who are looking to release their first tracks don’t. As part of our relaunch, we’re bringing a level of transparency to our label that we haven’t seen anywhere in the industry.”

We’ve rebranded the label and we’re leaning into ‘rooftop bar at sunset’ vibes,” shares Tim Chingos, EDM new-comer producing under Coppermines, “that will echo in our art and music. We’re developing tools for artists to make them more successful and we’re making artist diversity a priority as well. Gino, Carlos, and I are all really excited to be releasing music we love and supporting artists who have a passion and drive to be successful.”

Chrmatic is accepting demos and scheduling releases throughout 2022. Touting itself as a label which releases “music that makes you feel, in every tone and color,” we’re excited for the records they’ll be dropping throughout 2022.

Los Padres And Coppermines Partner To Relaunch Edm Record Label - Chrmatic

About Chrmatic

Chrmatic is an EDM record label which relaunched in 2022. Chrmatic is run by US-based artists and producers with a passion for supporting artists making heart felt music. They endeavor to bring transparency and candor to a complicated and ever changing industry. Their focus on diversity in their music and artists allows them to release tracks one won’t find anywhere else. Chrmatic is partnering with global artists to bring the world amazing records and all the feels — in every tone and color.

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Los Padres And Coppermines Partner To Relaunch Edm Record Label - Chrmatic


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