ALERT: Lufthaus Drops Brand New Skin Deep Release ‘To The Light’

ALERT: Lufthaus Drops Brand New Skin Deep Release 'To The Light'

Riding the wave still towering over their first single, ‘Sway’, Lufthaus solidify their position in the electronic scene with their second release on Armada Music.

Remaining within the same atmospheric realm as their previous release, ‘To The Light’ displays the perfect balance the band has found in the superposition of ambient and powerful sounds.

Teased in live sets by the likes of Fideles and set to be remixed by the Italian duo, this honest and compelling single is not only a whirlwind of seemingly blissful sensationalism, but also the ideal underground club experience. The subtle contrast between the enchantingly poetic vocals and euphonious electronic elements breeds a highly stimulating sonic escapade that fits all sorts of tasteful inclinations.

According to the band, ‘To The Light’ is a song that challenges the confusion that pilots living with personal struggles, especially whilst searching for some sort of answer. Herein lies the brilliance of the collaboration, which cloaks the darkness of the track’s sombre lyrics with soft yet lively synths and a throbbing bassline, distracting listeners from its deep vulnerability.

The single is heavily personified by not only the angelic vocals haloing the eerie chord progression, but also by the authenticity and relatability of its encrypted lyrics. Lufthaus have yet again delivered a quintessential example of peak-time melodic techno, further consolidating their expertise in the field.

Lufthaus are three longtime friends who’ve been jointly captivating the global music scene for multiple decades. With songs that draw inspiration from the timeless, impressionistic and yet relentlessly modern feel of the city of Berlin, the trio seek to occupy the hearts and minds of all those who seek them out, with a haunting and hopeful sound of their own.

In 2022, Lufthaus will indulge in their first live performances, launch their debut album and release a series of digital-first experiences that inevitably started on a high note with ‘Sway’.

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Alert: Lufthaus Drops Brand New Skin Deep Release 'To The Light'


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