GARRETT PAKNIS returns with sultry electro pop banger ‘NEED FROM YOU’

GARRETT PAKNIS returns with sultry electro pop banger 'NEED FROM YOU'

London based American musician / performance artist GARRETT PAKNIS returns with a brand new release ‘NEED FROM YOU’, lifted from the forthcoming EP due later this year

Hot on the heels of his recent single, ‘BAD BEHAVIOUR’, ‘NEED FROM YOU’ continues the next phase of GARRETT PAKNIS’ blossoming career, following on from the recent acclaimed EP ‘Move Ur Body’ released earlier this year. Accompanied by a sultry, seductive empowering performance visual clip, he says:

NEED FROM YOU is a fun and sexy track that suits perfectly to a road trip on a sunny day or night out dancing to the early morning hours. After years of making really emotional and deep tracks, writing about failed relationships and my life on the road as a nomad, I’ve been in this fresh phase with music and life. I’ve been living in London for almost three years, and am really settled and happy here. I’m feeling free in my body, my mind, and my soul… and I just want that to translate that and give people music they can shake their ass to!

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We’ve all been through so much in the last couple of years, so if I can help people forget their worries for a little bit… dust their dancing shoes off… and wiggle their booty… then I feel like I’m doing a good job at life! NEED FROM YOU has that hint of desire and lust when you’re getting to know someone new, but it really is about self-empowerment and feeling that spark from within. It’s about sharing passion and love… and, isn’t that what makes the world go around?”


GARRETT PAKNIS is a poet/rapper/producer/catwalk model blending spirituality and sexuality into forward thinking dance music. After developing his sound during his years living in Berlin, Germany, radio opportunity brought him to London, and the New York City born PAKNIS says he’s never looked back.

Garrett Paknis Returns With Sultry Electro Pop Banger 'Need From You'

Blending UK House music with his signature “moaning poetry”, Wonderland has called him a rising star and his viral success on Instagram and TikTok points to proving this true. The hip-hop trained dancer and performance artist releases a visual with every single he drops, and ‘BAD BEHAVIOUR’ marks his 25th release in 3 years, making him a prolific artist to watch out for.

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Garrett Paknis Returns With Sultry Electro Pop Banger 'Need From You'


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