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Australian Indie-Dance Project 1tbsp Drops ‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’

Australian Indie-Dance Project 1tbsp Drops ‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’

Australian Indie-Dance Project 1tbsp Drops ‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’

‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’ is the latest single from Australian indie-dance project 1tbsp (aka Grammy Award Nominated artist Maxwell Byrne, also known as Golden Vessel) which is also the third single off his upcoming ep “It’s Very Loud” that is scheduled for release on March 16th (presave here).

Over the last few weeks Maxwell has given us two other exceptional singles; “Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound”, and “No Nein” which was co-written by and features the mysterious Austrian newcomer known as Mietze Conte.

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‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’ is the perfect opening track to this new ep as it sets the scene for what we can expect with its pulsing beats, tantalising percussions and driving vocal samples. Who doesn’t love a 5-minute opener!

“I came up with the idea for this track whilst I was in New York recently. As so many people have expressed before, there’s something about NY that makes me feel so inspired and want to push my ideas to its limits. I worked at making this track to be really dynamic (inspired by some Daphni & Axel Boman tracks) where the song comes up and down in volume so some parts of the track feel very loud (also the name of my upcoming EP).” ~ 1tbsp

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1tbsp – ‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’ is available everywhere now via sumoclic.

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Australian Indie-Dance Project 1Tbsp Drops ‘Four Tet Is My Godmother’


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