Exclusive Interview – Minelli is a Veritable Songwriting and Production Machine.

Exclusive Interview - Minelli is a Veritable Songwriting and Production Machine. Soundrive Music

Almud gives Minelli and SICKOTOY’s ‘Think About U’ a techno remake that will tantalize your senses, out via Global Records.

Originally, ‘Think About U’ is a catchy dance-pop love letter, drawing on fragments of deep house and electro; Almud’s techno remix sees the original stripped back, dark and groovy. The intimate remix layers flourishing synths across Minelli’s angelic vocals as a deep house-influenced bouncing bassline ripples throughout the track. Almud’s version of ‘Think About U’ tantalizes the senses through its pulsating bass, atonal bleeps, and percussive goodness.

‘Think About U’ is the synergy of both Minelli and SICKOTOY’s musical talents, which has seen streams soar over 800,000 on Spotify alone. A veritable songwriting and production machine, her singles “Rampampam” & “Nothing Hurts” dominated the music charts globally; cumulating over 185 million streams and more than 350 million views. This time she collaborated with Grammy award-winning producer, SICKOTOY to produce ‘Think About U’. It’s no wonder with the pair’s extensive songwriting experience they produced musical gold.

Now, the established DJ, producer and remixer Almud puts his own signature sonics on one of the most popular tracks out of Minelli’s new album ‘Silver & Gold – Chapter II’. Spinning records, remixing, and producing tracks for almost two decades, Almud is one of the respected names on the Romanian club scene. Playing on the same stages alongside worldwide renowned DJs like David Guetta, Nick Bridges, David Morales, Above & Beyond, Mark Huges, and Bob Sinclar, his remix of ‘Think About U’ is not to be missed!

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Hi Minelli, thanks for taking the time to chat to Soundrive Music. It’s a pleasure to be able to chat with you today.

You’ve just released your debut album ‘Silver & Gold – Chapter II’, which contains 14 vibrant tracks that you produced with a range of incredibly talented producers. These include Freedo who has produced for the Chainsmokers, Rita Ora, Galantis and Ava Max, Jordan Shaw known for previously producing for Afrojack and Armin van Buuren and Yoshi Breen producing for Tiesto, Karol G and Lost Frequencies. The result of this was a stunning dance-pop album that we’ve been playing on repeat!

Your track ‘Think About U’ with SICKOTOY  has been remixed by Almud for a tantalizing techno version, which is out now! That’s one of our favorite songs from the album so we’re super excited to be getting a remix as well.

The album is a stunning dance-pop hybrid, what is it about dance music that attracts you to it?

Hello guys, happy to chat with you :)! What I love about dance music is that it’s so flexible, you can combine different vibes, different genres with it and I really love mixing a sensitive melody with an up-tempo beat, I think it’s the best combo.

Exclusive Interview - Minelli Is A Veritable Songwriting And Production Machine. Soundrive Music

Could you tell us a little bit about how the album came about and your inspirations behind the songs?

I’ve always been focused on releasing song after song, but after Rampampam everybody started asking me about an album, if I wanna release one and that’s how I’ve started thinking more seriously about that. So I activated my inspiration, we started to think about a concept, to put every detail in place and after almost 2 years the album was done and ready to be released. My biggest inspiration is love, because it’s the best feeling we can all experience in life and I feel like we all need songs that we can relate to and can help us go easier through some situations when it comes to love.

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You collaborated with some super talented producers on the album: Freedo, Jordan Shaw and Yoshi Breen, how did you decide to work with those producers and did the creative process all run smoothly?

Freedo and Jordan I know for a few years now, we worked on quite some tracks so they had to be with me on the album. Our labels put us together and I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to share my ideas with many talented artists from different countries, we clicked, everything came so naturally and I’m glad that we wrote some cool tracks together.

You collaborated with R3HAB, SICKOTOY and Gran Error on the album, who would be your dream collaboration in the future and why?

Hmm, hard to say just one, because I do have many artists that I admire, but I’d love to mix my style with Anne Marie maybe, or with Calvin Harris, Pharrell, John Legend, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Post Malone, Macklemore, Doja Cat and many more.

An album of 14 tracks is super impressive, and each of the songs have also have a music video to go with it. How do you manage to stay creative over this process?

Creating this album was a long process, it took me almost 2 years to get it done, so this thing maybe helped, because I didn’t rush it at all. I always look for different things when I need inspiration, whether a simple word, or a line from a movie, or a story heard recently, it’s always different. I knew from the start that I wanted a visual representation for each track, a way to guide the audience through the album. Long process I can tell you 😬 but the whole team was behind me and here it is.

Exclusive Interview - Minelli Is A Veritable Songwriting And Production Machine. Soundrive Music

What’s your go to if you get stuck in an artistic block?

I take a break or if I really can’t take one, I try to imagine new stories, to search for some interesting quotes on google that can inspire me, or I try to find a melody which transposes me into a certain mood or which gives me an emotion.

You’ve had a great response to the album so far, with ‘Deep Sea’ with R3HAB surpassing 10 million streams! Did you expect the response to the album to be so good?

I hoped for sure to have a good response, because I’ve put my soul into every track and I’m so happy to see that every song got close to people’s heart. I do get many messages from people around the world telling me that my music was helping them at some point or that it brings them happiness and it’s making them dance all day long. So I guess I’ve reached my goal so far, that’s the best feeling ever.

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What would you say is your favorite part of being a music artist and thing you like least?

I love that I can express myself through music and I can help others with my music, I love being creative. I love being on stage, feeling the people and jamming in the studio. What I don’t like is that sometimes it’s all about numbers and that thing is killing my joy of creating, it makes me too mathematical. I don’t like label meetings where most talk is googoogaga.

If you could give one bit of musical advice to any budding musicians, what would you say?

Keep on going no matter what, find your own style, stay humble and appreciate every person working on your dream, it’s  hard to find a great team and the team is very important.

What does the summer 2023 look like for you? Do you have any touring dates coming up or plans to create more music?

With many festivals and I can’t wait to perform my album to many people around the world and yes more songs to be released and a few more collabs I am waiting for quite some time to do.


‘Think About U’ out exclusively via Global Records

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Exclusive Interview - Minelli Is A Veritable Songwriting And Production Machine. Soundrive Music

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