Exclusive Interview with Spanish Superstar DJ – Lexlay

Exclusive Interview with Spanish Superstar DJ - Lexlay Soundrive Music

Exclusive Interview with Spanish Superstar DJ – Lexlay

LEXLAY is a Spanish DJ and producer with an almost 20-year career behind him. Originally from Barcelona, he’s a versatile artist who has experimented with various musical genres and a particular interest in Tech House, House Music and Groovy Techno. The characteristics that distinguish him are the joy, cheerfulness and happiness that are transmitted not only by his music, which makes you want to dance, but also by his personality.

His motto, “VAMOS”, and his contagious smile immediately put anyone who approaches him in a good mood and it’s for this reason that fun and positive vibes are guaranteed during his shows.

The DJ and Producer founded his label, named Happy Techno Music, in 2012. It boasts more than 300 artists who have released tracks and compilations within it, resulting in a constantly evolving project, thanks also to an exceptional team and a sound that is recognized everywhere.

Considered one of the best producers in his genre, he has released his songs on major labels such as: Snatch! Records, Stereo Productions, Deeperfect, Flashmob Records, Moan Bunny Tiger, Glasgow Underground and Material.

During his brilliant journey, he has traveled extensively taking his music to more than 45 countries around the world, for example Europe, Middle East and South America, playing in prestigious venues such as: Pacha, Space and Privilege in Ibiza, ADE in Amsterdam, EIRow and City Hall in Barcelona, Sao Club and Penthouse in Dubai, Sea You Festival in Germany and also Family Picnic Festival in France, among others.



How Did You First Get Into DJing And Producing Electronic Dance Music? 

From a very young age I was interested in music. My mother had already played me a lot of hits from all eras since I was practically born and my interest in discovering musical genres grew until I wanted to be a DJ. Being able to make so many people dance and enjoy and make them forget the problems of day to day is most gratifying for me.

Who Are Some Of Your Biggest Influences In The Industry? 

Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim are the top names in the industry without a doubt.

Can You Walk Us Through Your Process For Creating A New Track? 

I take advantage of many of my plane or train trips to start ideas that I later finish in my home studio to later give them the final touch in a professional recording studio. After each gig is when I feel most inspired!

How Do You Prepare For A Gig? Do You Have Any Pre-Performance Rituals Or Routines? 

That day I always try to be very active from the morning. A good breakfast, doing sports and a healthy and balanced meal helps me a lot to arrive in the best possible conditions to the event and give my best. I like to be alone for a while before in the hotel, well concentrated too.

What Has Been Your Favorite Gig Or Event To Play At So Far In Your Career? 

I can’t stay with just one event! Perhaps Rio Argenina and Lost Beach in Montañita are the places that I have enjoyed the most lately, but you can ask me this question tomorrow and I have said other places. I am really lucky to be able to enjoy each event to the fullest.

Exclusive Interview With Spanish Superstar Dj - Lexlay Soundrive Music

What Do You Enjoy Most About Performing As A DJ? 

Being able to feel that warmth and affection from the public. Thanks to music I can live unforgettable experiences, travel and meet people from different cultures. It is something very enriching and makes me feel very grateful to all the people who follow me.

Can You Share Any Memorable Experiences Or Anecdotes From Your Time As A DJ And Producer? 

One of the anecdotes that I remember with the most enthusiasm was when they gave me the weekly residence at City Hall together with my party brand and HappyTechno label, that’s when I really saw that I could carry out my dream of being able to live from music and be able to create something big because of the media coverage it could have if we made it work together with my team. And as a producer every time I sign with top international labels, that excites me a lot 🙂

How Do You Stay Current And Find New Music To Play At Your Gigs? 

I usually play a lot of music from my labels Happy Techno Music and Happy Techno Limited. I also receive hundreds of promos from many record labels and producers. I also like buying music at Beatport and Traxsource.

What’s Next For You In Terms Of New Projects Or Goals? 

There are many exciting ongoing and upcoming projects! This year we present a new season at La Terrrazza in Barcelona, a unique space in the city Open Air / Daytime and it aims to be the best in our history. With great world-class guests such as Mark Knight, Riva Starr, Kolombo, Supernova, Stefano Noferini, Mihalis Safras and many more.

It will certainly be an unforgettable summer! For my part, next month I will visit new countries like Cuba, Ireland and England, which is something that makes me incredibly excited to continue connecting with people from all over the world. Also, I will soon announce a new South American Tour, my second home! We will also be announcing new Showcases of the brand in different countries!

At the production level I am very happy to announce that I will be releasing on one of the best labels on the scene such as Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations, you will also soon find new music of mine on Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars as well as releases on Hot Fuss, Freakin909 and on my own label Happy Techno Music!

I also recommend you not to lose sight of our Happy Techno Cuts on Bandcamp where we release the most floor-breaking tracks that people ask me the most on social media. The Happy Techno Music record label has just turned 10 years old and we are in for a very sweet moment with all of our releases being top sellers on the charts.

In Your Free Time, What Do You Like To Do Outside Of Music? Do You Have Any Hobbies Or Passions Outside Of The Industry? 

My passion apart from music is the culture of sport and healthy living. I also really like business and marketing. As hobbies I like skiing, quad biking and going to the mountains with my dog and being in contact with nature.

Exclusive Interview With Spanish Superstar Dj - Lexlay Soundrive Music

How Do You Adapt Your Sets To Fit The Energy And Vibe Of The Crowd At Each Gig? 

My sets are always characterized by being very energetic and danceable. I always try to adapt to each place I’m going to perform but this energy is the common denominator in each set.

What Are Some Challenges You’ve Faced As A DJ And How Have You Overcome Them? 

I have encountered many challenges throughout my career. I remember for example that at the beginning of my career when I started to go to the clubs and I couldn’t demand many things either… I had to mix with any type of technical team; since he plays records / vinyl that at the slightest time the needle would jump and I could not make even the slightest movement in the booth which is very difficult for me because I usually move a lot in the booth haha, to play with any type of mixer that I was not used to or cdj of any type… but after all I think that if you are a good dj you know how to play with any equipment that comes your way 🙂

How Do You Think The Electronic Dance Music Industry Has Changed Since You First Started Out? 

Everything changes and evolves. The styles of music, the way of listening to it too, for example, before there was no streaming and now we have millions of songs to discover at our fingertips. The only thing that remains constant is that people want to enjoy themselves and have a good time. And in the end, that’s what really matters.

What Do You Hope To Achieve With Your Music In The Long-Term? 

There is no limit for me. My goal is to continue improving as a professional in all areas. As a DJ, as a producer, event organizer, as a label manager. My team and I work very hard to achieve new goals and give our best every day.

Can You Share Any Tips Or Advice For Aspiring DJs And Producers Who Are Just Starting Out In The Industry? 

My advice is that if you really like the music, go for it, without expecting anything in return. Many times success comes without looking for it but obviously you have to work hard for it. Learning from other artists, big or small, trying to improve on each mix, on each track produced, and giving a good image on social networks is essential.

For the next few years, LEXLAY has many new things to come for his listeners, both in terms of music and events, his passion and his characteristic sound in Tech House and his subgenres make him a worthy DJ and Producer able to represent Spain, in clubs and festivals all over the world.

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Exclusive Interview With Spanish Superstar Dj - Lexlay Soundrive Music

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