Topic Releases First Solo Track In 5 Years ‘Lucid Dream’

Topic Releases First Solo Track In 5 Years 'Lucid Dream'

Topic surprises his fans with a long-awaited solo track after a string of chart-topping releases with some of the biggest names. ‘Lucid Dream’ is an enticing and mystical track that promises to become a summer anthem at festivals around the world.

Written by the power combo formed by Topic and A7S, the vocals of the track are by none other than Moa Lisa. With a fast paced BPM and pulsating beats, ‘Lucid Dreams’ is a testament to the skillful craftsmanship of the successful producer. Designed to ignite crowds at festivals, it unleashes an irresistible surge of adrenaline that will have crowds dancing from start to finish. The catchy topline combined with the euphoric yet melancholic melody, once again showcases that Topic is a true master at what he does.

Music has the power to blur the lines between reality and imagination, so in ‘Lucid Dream’ I wanted to play with that boundary by incorporating the idea of a ‘reality check’ within the context of a dream, but also how both allow us to let go of whatever is on our mind and experience a state of mind that is free of worries. It’s an exploration of the elusive nature of perception, inviting listeners to question their own wakefulness and embrace the possibility of a world where dreams and reality intertwine.’ Topic says.

Besides the track’s captivating beat it sure has a deeper meaning; ‘Lucid Dream’ is about a reality check. The track artfully explores the notion of checking your own reality by connecting it to the realm of dreams, enticing the listener to question their wakeful state or potential sleep. Right in time to kick off his summer tour, Topic is set to take over every stage with ‘Lucid Dream’.

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About Topic

Making global impact with his worldwide hits and own emotional yet exhilarating dance sound, it’s fair to say that Topic is a superstar DJ and hotly in-demand producer. His numbers speak for themselves and are eye-popping by anyone’s standards. The German-Croatian has amassed over 1 billion streams in 2021 alone, he has gold, double diamond, triple, quadruple, and even decuple platinum certifications in 28 countries around the world to his name and holds a steady spot in the Top 10 of Spotify’s Global Top 200.

He worked with GRAMMY®-nominated rapper Lil Baby, Diamond-selling and two-time GRAMMY®-nominated Bebe Rexha, British band Clean Bandit, and DJ-favorite Becky Hill, as well as Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke, and many more, all with unforgettable results. The collaborative tracks Topic produces have achieved huge commercial success: he landed in the Top 5 in the UK Official Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot 100, scored number ones on the Mediabase U.S. dance radio, iTunes and the Global Top 200 Shazam and Spotify charts, and won high profile awards and nominations including the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2016, Teen Choice Awards in 2018, Best Dance Act at the Los 40 2020 Music Awards, the Billboard Music Awards 2021, The 2022 Brit Awards for International Song Of The Year, and many more.

You can be sure that Topic’s signature sounds will always enrich and uplift in uniquely wistful ways. Cherry on top, all his achievements came full circle last year with a strong entry in the DJ Mag top 100, ranking at #69. Topic truly seems to have found the recipe of his success and is one of the most in demand producers on the circuit.

Topic Releases First Solo Track In 5 Years 'Lucid Dream'

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Topic – ‘Lucid Dream’ is out now via Virgin Records

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Topic Releases First Solo Track In 5 Years 'Lucid Dream'


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