NevadaSYSTEM Releases “Floral Dance Part 2” EP

NevadaSYSTEM Releases "Floral Dance Part 2" EP


Dan Wong, widely known as NevadaSYSTEM, continues to captivate the world with his prolific output of melodic techno productions that are both driving and emotionally evocative. His highly anticipated summer single, “Floral Dance Part 2,” builds on the success of its predecessor, “Floral Dance,” which has already amassed over 300k streams in 2023 and received remixes from artists associated with Anjunadeep and Purified. In this latest release, the powerful bassline of “Floral Dance” is taken to new heights as it merges with a futuristic, spacey melody and ethereal vocals that seem to transcend earthly realms.

Speaking about the release, NevadaSYSTEM explained that the vocals on “Floral Dance Part 2” do not belong to any specific language, but rather represent a combination of dialects, creating a distinct and unique sonic experience. The intention behind the track was to capture the essence of euphoria, release, and unity that are integral to the dance music culture. NevadaSYSTEM wanted the song to resonate with the fundamental principles of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR) that permeate the scene.

NevadaSYSTEM is a Canadian born melodic techno producer based in New York.  He has gained recognition for his ability to transcend traditional boundaries of emotion and poetry through his melodic techno productions. With over 1 million streams across various platforms, his music has garnered a dedicated following. Notably, he has received support from influential figures in the EDM industry, including ARTBAT and Monstercat. Recently, NevadaSYSTEM secured a landmark deal with artists signed to Armada, Anjuna, Spinnin, and Purified. This exciting collaboration sets the stage for the release of future installments in the “Floral Dance” series, expected to arrive later in 2023.


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