Electric Love Festival 2023: A Mesmerizing Musical Journey in Austria’s Heartland

Electric Love Festival 2023: A Mesmerizing Musical Journey in Austria's Heartland

Welcome to Electric Love Festival 2023, a captivating celebration of music and community set against the charming backdrop of Austria’s picturesque landscapes. As a music enthusiast, I’m excited to share my experience at the 10-year anniversary edition of this multi-genre festival and why it holds a special place in my heart.

Since 2013, Electric Love Festival found its perfect home amidst the breathtaking beauty of Salzburg, with lush green fields and majestic mountains providing a unique ambiance. The fusion of nature’s splendor and vibrant music makes this festival an unforgettable experience. The lineup featured an impressive collection of world-renowned artists, as well as emerging talents, catering to various musical tastes, from Big Room to Techno, Hardstyle, and Bass Music. The stages were well-designed, and the sound quality was top-notch, ensuring an immersive auditory experience.

Having been to the event since its first edition 10 years ago, it feels like witnessing a child grow up. The organizer of the festival, Salzburg based Revolution Events, is professional as always, with seamless entry procedures, efficient crowd control, and necessary security measures to ensure all attendants’ safety during their stay. The friendly and approachable festival team and volunteers contributed to a welcoming environment, and the festival grounds were well-maintained.

While the official festival starts on Thursday, the Warm-Up Party on Wednesday should not be missed! For this “F*CK GENRE” night, the Club Circus stage (which used to be an actual circus tent in the early days of the event) turns into a gathering of music lovers from all around the world!

Our Wednesday night started off with House Music by local DJane Dominique Jardin, ending with Hardstyle by Dutch DJ Ran-D (as it should).

On Thursday, all stages were open, and visitors could choose from seven different areas, with shows starting at 4:30 PM. After exploring the festival grounds and admiring the heart-shaped mainstage, which made us feel nostalgic for the 2018 edition, we were excited to see the Shutdown Stage had changed locations! Previously positioned in the tunnel between the Hard Dance Factory and the rest of the stage area, the stage carried immaculate underground energy, but the capacity was very limited. Here we got to witness Savage Squad Recordings DJ Adjuzt play on this new outdoor stage, and his fans doing their Klaplongen dance in the warm summer sun!

After some Jägermeister chanting with Da Tweekaz, we again jumped to this day’s set by DJ Ran-D, who had closed the Warm-Up event the night before. Seeking some shade on this warm day, we made our way back to the Club Circus Stage to see the German Hyper-Techno Rapper Ski Aggu, before watching the big Opening Ceremony at the mainstage. After 10 years of Electric Love Festival and 7 attended editions, this Opening still exceeded my expectations!

Besides the incredible fireworks, flying drummers, the Salzburg Philharmonic orchestra, and Electric Love native DJ Felice playing his legendary piano provided us with a moving performance, finished by attendees cheering to the official Hardstyle Remix of Gigi D’Agostino’s “The Riddle” by Austrian musical prodigies High Level and Joscy. After welcoming DJ Hardwell back on stage at the festival after his sabbatical, we made our way to the Club Circus stage to see Vienna based musician Yung Hurn on stage with Berlin techno wonder Brutalismus 3000, who played the afterparty!

Electric Love Festival 2023: A Mesmerizing Musical Journey In Austria'S Heartland

Day three, and we cannot get enough of this event! Blue skies, the sun energizing the ravers on the while they play their camping games, and the smell of fresh barbecue made us explore the area we are staying in. From early editions on, Electric Love Festival has always had a 24-hour Supermarket on the campsite, selling cold drinks, fresh fruit, pastries, camping equipment, toiletries, ice cubes, … anything a camper could need! A highlight for many is the barbecue section of this shop: You can buy fresh ribs, steaks, or sausages and grill them with your friends at the Napoleon BBQ Area, located right next to the Supermarket! We got ourselves some freshly brewed coffee and walked around, to see what’s going on. Most people were dancing, singing, and playing games in big groups of people – others took a nap in the shadow of their pavilion or tent, while music was coming from all sides!

Fridays was also show-day for us, because we got to perform on stage at the Heineken Star Club with Austrian DJ Flip Capella, so we went to the Stage Area early to prepare ourselves for the Show!

After conducting our interviews for the night, we got carried away in nostalgia with legendary artists such as W&W and Timmy Trumpet playing on the mainstage! The heart-shaped stage was closed by the Austrian power-duo Harris & Ford.

This Friday, the Club Circus stage was hosted by German Bass Event Organizer Blacklist, bringing GRAVEDGR, Kayzoo, Luude, and other world-renowned artists to the Austrian Alps! USA based DJ NGHTMRE played the afterparty and left us with a sore neck from headbanging to his high energy, yet perfectly balanced set!

On our way back to the campsite, we ran into our tent neighbors, inviting us to their celebrations – not expecting anything we agreed to come and found ourselves among hundreds of campers, singing and dancing to party hits! This party was located at the sanitary facilities and overlooked by two security guards, that made sure nobody was climbing the lavatory constructions. After watching the beautiful sunrise together, the party slowly ended, and satisfied ravers headed back to their tents, resting a bit, to be ready for the last day.

Electric Love Festival 2023: A Mesmerizing Musical Journey In Austria'S Heartland

Saturday – the grand final of Electric Love Festival was here!

Delicious breakfast, accompanied by old school Hardstyle sounds is what we started the day with. Excited for the shows, while also sad about the festival being over so soon, we got ready to see the Austrian trio “Hardstyle Buamz,” consisting of Vienna based DJs High Level, Stoik, and Paulistos. Their unique performance, wearing traditional Austrian Lederhosen, while blasting hard beats, definitely should not be missed!

Next up: Hard Dance Factory! After interviewing him, we got to witness the heaviest set by Italian Meme-God, DJ, and producer: Rooler. The crowd knew the lyrics to every track Rooler played and got crazier with every drop!

Now it was time to head back to the mainstage, for one of the most anticipated shows of the weekend: Scooter, the legendary German music group filled the stage to its maximum capacity!

We still haven’t gotten the answer to “How much is the fish?,” but Maria, We Liked It Loud!

One last detour brought us to the Hard Dance Factory to witness Frenchcore prodigy Sefa tearing apart the stage, before we found ourselves at the endshow – the closing of the mainstage. Fireworks, smiling faces, friends hugging each other, and a lot of dancing were beautiful to witness before we were back at the Club Circus for one last set: French Hard Trance DJ Trym! Lasers, strobe lights, and bass you could physically feel brought out the last energy the attendants had.

After this last party, we went to watch the last sunrise on the hill of Basic Camping (formerly Camping North), before catching some hours of sleep, to be ready for the trip back home.

Beyond the music, Electric Love Festival offered a variety of activities and amenities to keep the fun going, including talented stylists, bungee jumping, roller skating, and diverse food vendors serving delicious treats. The well-stocked bars and chill-out zones provided opportunities to relax and recharge, such as the Red Bull Organics Beach.

Electric Love Festival 2023: A Mesmerizing Musical Journey In Austria'S Heartland

Electric Love Festival 2023 was an extraordinary celebration of music set against the backdrop of Austria’s natural beauty. With its diverse lineup, inclusive atmosphere, and stunning visuals, it offered an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or a first-timer, this festival is worth considering for your bucket list. Electric Love Festival is a beacon of unity, love, and euphoria that will leave you longing for more. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this mesmerizing musical journey in 2024!

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Electric Love Festival 2023: A Mesmerizing Musical Journey In Austria'S Heartland

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