Kardano & Pinkee Skylark Go Full On Party Mode On ‘Sunday Morning (Melleefresh Remix)

Kardano & Pinkee Skylark Go Full On Party Mode On 'Sunday Morning (Melleefresh Remix)

Kardano & Pinkee Skylark Go Full On Party Mode On ‘Sunday Morning (Melleefresh Remix) Out Now Via Play Records

This is modern, bona fide club Euro club music done the Canadian way. Finding their groove are Vancouver based DJ / producer Kardano and newcomer Pinkee Skylark, who rope in Play Records head honcho Melleefresh to lay on some deft remix touches on their latest track ‘Sunday Morning’.


Melleefresh ups the tempo with an upbeat electro-house rework of the original and the accompanying technicolor video is created by award wining video artist Jason J Brown. Melleefresh says: “I Love Kardano’s music and the melleefulous tones of Pinky Skylarks voice wer calling out to me to make a smooth, house vibe that would instantly make you feel… Yes, it’s Sunday Morning!” ‘Sunday Morning, Remixed’ is the fourth remix pack off of Kardano’s album ‘Art of Tones’.

Released in 2022, ‘Art of Tones’ comprises eight dance tunes each featuring a different Canadian vocalist, including Billy Newton-Davis, Dtaborah, Melleefresh, Tyra Jutai, and newcomer Pinkee Skylark.

Kardano &Amp; Pinkee Skylark Go Full On Party Mode On 'Sunday Morning (Melleefresh Remix)

Five remixers have taken Kardano’s and Pinkee’s most sublime synth pop music track and re-envisioned it. Melleefresh delivers a quintessential house banger. US producers SpekrFreks’ take harkens back to a classic piano house vibe. UK remixer CHANNE chops up Pinkee’s vocals to create a more psychedelic house vibe. Mexico’s Martin Luciuk takes the track into zen-like deep house territory while the UK’s Be Brothers employ Pinkee’s
vocals as a duet in their deep house permutation.

Melleefresh’s radio edit remix also features in the official music video for Sunday Morning. The music video is directed by Jason J. Brown, recently awarded Best North American Music Video for “Feel Alright” at the Rome Music Video Awards.


Kardano | Pinkee Skylark | Melleefresh

Kardano &Amp; Pinkee Skylark Go Full On Party Mode On 'Sunday Morning (Melleefresh Remix)

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